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Sofos Robotics is an authorized reseller of RobotmasterĀ® offline programming software for robots. RobotmasterĀ®, a Hypertherm brand, is an offline programming software for robots that helps manufacturers maximize their productivity and profitability with an intuitive and powerful programming solution ideal for production runs of all sizes and varying part complexity as a result of integrated CAD/CAM functionality.

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Robots are able to control spray angle, speed and flow intensity to guarantee complete and consistent coverage on complex surfaces. Robotmaster simulates this using spray parameters to automate paths optimized for the least effort.

Spray-coat programs are automatically generated from the CAD model and can be modified to adjust for:

  • Change of spray shape
  • Nozzle diameter
  • Nozzle to part distance
  • Depth of passes
  • Number of coats

Additional entry/exit approaches, step distances, junctions, and tool orientation managers are available for complete customization.


Robotic welding delivers high quality welds while increasing shop productivity during the worldwide shortage of skilled welders. Regardless of batch size or part complexity, Robotmaster overcomes programming barriers through weld path and parameter automation which increases throughput and consistency.

  • Welding programming automatically performed from CAD model with minimal modification efforts
  • Ability to program and manage gun tilt and rotation for optimal weld
  • Ability to activate/deactivate welding gun
  • Tool orientation modifications for optimized programs with minimal wrist rotation
  • Calibration tools included


Robot automation is a cost effective solution for cutting complex shapes from 2 or 3D surfaces using laser, plasma, water-jet, gas cutting, or compliant knife tooling. With high speed and precision, Robotmaster automatically generates programs with smooth, error-free motion, allowing the robot to cut shapes and arcs accurately.

Trimming/cutting paths are generated from the CAD model automatically and can be modified to adjust for:

  • Diameter of cutter
  • Depth of cut
  • Number of cuts

Robotmaster cutting also includes the ability to manage entry/exit, activation of tool, program and simulate numerous tools, optimize program for minimal wrist rotation and robot reach, and calibrate the program for part setup.